Reasons why this project is carried out

For the methodology of this project multiple intelligence development within the process of understanding will be used, integrating and applying new knowledge to day to day.These new learning will aim to remain linked to the curricula of schools. We will work with the latest innovations in technology, tablets, robots, boards, codes, etc.

Through the creation of the different projects we favor the stimulation of cognitive development, working and stimulating different intelligences. We will improve the students´ technologic interest who, as they acquire knowledge, will perform any projects they may dream on. Anyone who starts to learn a programming language can, from a mínimum basis, learn on their own through experimentation.

Heterogeneous team work will be encouraged. For this, different group structures will be formed, and strategies for the integration of groups through the development of social habilities will be boosted; for which empathy with equals, listening, working group conscience, negotiating, building strategies to reach group success, critical thinking to depurate ideas and obtain the best result, etc. will be taken into account.

We will work the control of the body reflected in the fine motor through the manipulation of pieces of different sizes, textures, shapes, etc. When we create joint or different pieces we need a good control of the body developing kinesthetic intelligence.

During the creation of the different works, many doubts will come up and they will be solved through the rationing of ideas and the convenient explanations. They will argue ideas, and will create projects in which they will have to make many decisions. They will share learning and will have to act as a group and for that, the group will have to work in a joint way. Within the tasks, some in which language acquires a special relevance will be proposed.

We will seek to integrate the different creations with stories or representations orally presented with music and motion. The developmente of different intelligences is essential. This way, all the students will have a place with their contributions. From their virtues they will contribute to the group and no one will be exempt from opinion and contribution. To evaluate what has been programmed we will work with rubrics created from the reasoning and reflection of the group, with critical and constructive thinking.

Multiple intelligences

These are the different multiple intelligences we work with in the activities offered:

Verbal linguistic

For team work, both linguistic and social habilities are required for reasoning, arguing, setting out, understanding, etc. We will set out situations for the students to develop such habilities and for this we will provide them with different tools also useful for the staging of dramatized situations through which they will verbalize what they have created.


Throughout the Project we will individually reflect on the difficulties that come up or the route to follow. A space for reflection will be set up to think about what will be created. Every individual contribution will be taken into account and an idea born from the group and agreed by consensus will be formed

Logical mathematical

The different mathematical combinations will give us the possibility of mobilizing the devices. We will also use these devices to work on the curricular aims through some challenges and solving mathematical problems, from numeration to the most complex operations.


It is the basis to team work. We will empathize with the others as many questions will raise, that will be solved through the rationing of ideas and managing the adequate explanations. We will identify emotions to be able to create from consensus and agreement. For that, we will have to listen, share, etc. All the previous work will give raise to argue, analyze and share what has been created, to be able to see the different positions and defend them.


Mental creations will be reflected through the different structures as plans, models, etc. to create real projects with mobility and fitted in with the space, shape, place, distance, size, volumen, etc.

Kinesthetic corporal

We will work fine motor through the manipulation of pieces, panels and different materials of different sizes, textures, shapes, etc.


We will use different materials to create the pieces. We will assess and analyse these materials.